tirsdag den 3. marts 2009

DJ Kid Skraam (S) gæster Kontoret 12. marts

Torsdag den 12. marts fra kl. 23 kan man tilbringe aftenen i selskab med DJ Kid Skraam fra Malmø, som vi har inviteret over til at vende plader sammen med DJ Nut.

Du kan læse meget mere om Kid Skraam i nedenstående bio:

When not playing at B-Boy competitions, Kid Skraam plays a mixture of music that gives the energy of hip hop. One signature is that he plays doubles and are back cutting almost every record. Whatever music he cuts up gives the raw funky energy of hip hop. Classic hip hop (90-94), funk, breaks from all over the world - soundtracks, library records, children records, freestyle electro, early 80's rap and funky disco.

You can check out his break dj skills at:

Kid Skraam started b-boying and creating graffiti in 1984 at the age of 8, and has been active in all elements of hip hop during the years that passed. He started throwing events in 1993 and has since then promoted the huge hip hop festivals - Style Wars - a new hope and Style Wars - the b-boys strike back. He has thrown events with great artists from all elements. Among these classic hip hop artists as Biz Markie, Jazzy Jay and Rahzel. He entered the international Battle of the Year break competition in 95 with his crew B-Boy Unit.

Dj Kid Skraam is playing at b-boy competitions cause’ digging for unique b-boy breaks and spreading new energy to the world is one of the things that he lives for.

Some of the break events that he has played at:
Battle Of The Year World finals 2006, BOTY Warm Up 2005 & 2007 - Germany,4 x BOTYScandinavia, UK Bboy - IBE and Just De Bout Eliminations + B-Boy events in France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Greece and so on.


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